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The process is as follows:


  1. You must go to our Registration Page to register and submit your deposit of $345.  You can do that by clicking HERE.

    1. If you are unsure whether you have completed this process you can have a confirmation resent to your email by going to the top right hand corner of the page and clicking Resend Confirmation

  2. You must decide how you want to pay for the program associated with your team.  This information is specific to your team and appears in the email entitled 2021-22 Matrix (YOUR TEAM NAME) Payment Options for (YOUR PLAYERS NAME). Your payment options are as follows. If you plan to pay in full please respond to this email with PAY IN FULL - (PLAYER NAME) in the subject heading and we will forward you an invoice. Also let us know if you plan to pay by cash, check or credit card:

    1. Pay in full by check or cash by August 1st, 2021 and receive a 5% discount

    2. Pay in full by credit card by August 1st, 2021 (no discount)

    3. Pay by ACH debit to your checking account via an 8 month payment plan (see email mentioned above for a link to your teams payment plan)

  3. Sign and return electronically the Financial Commitment Form associated with your child’s team to

  4. Sign the Matrix Soccer Academy Parent & Player Agreement form online by going HERE.

  5. Order your players Select Program required kit associated with your team.  The link for this form can be found in the email entitled UPDATE: Matrix (TEAM NAME) Kit Order & Fall Schedule by July 23rd.

  6. Download the Matrix App and request access to your team Access Group.  Make sure your notifications are ON.  You will then be kept abreast of all happenings associated with your team.  Training sessions appear in the Events tab and all scheduled games will appear in the Fixtures tab.

  7. Register for the Matrix USA21 Camp by going to


Once you have completed these steps you will be all set for an exciting Matrix year!

Select Program Registration Process

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