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Another PlayStation School's Cup Final for the Matrix Way

Charlie's done it again! For the second time in three years he has taken a Moorland Private School team to the coveted ESFA's (England School's Football Association) PlayStation Schools' Cup final. This year it's the Under 12's that are in the final against London based school Whitgift.

The final will be a true battle between David and Goliath. To put things in perspective there were 703 teams entered in this year's competition and Moorland was likely the smallest school in the tournament. In case you are wondering, Whitgift fields 210 teams in 26 sports with an enrolment of 1,449 students. Their boarding fees are $31,357 per year. Moorland currently offers two specialized programs - one in ballet and one in football. They have 181 students with annual boarding fees advertised at $19,718 per year.

"When we won the double in 2014 many called it a fluke," said Charlie. "I'm not sure what they're calling it now."

Many of the school's they've come against are heavyweights like Whitgift. However this group is a tad different. "It's come to our attention that most of the lad's that play for Whitgift are signed players at Chelsea," added Charlie. "It won't be easy for us to bring home the Cup but either way I couldn't more proud of the boy's. They've worked very hard to get here and win or lose they should be extremely proud of their accomplishment."

The Championship match is scheduled for May 16th, 2016 and will take place at Madejski Stadium, home of Reading Football Club in Reading, UK.

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